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Plastic Ocean

I recently watched A Plastic Ocean a documentary about plastic pollution of our oceans and how it breaks down into microplastics and ends up back in our the foodstream. It makes you cringe to see how much plastic they found in birds and turtle stomachs and that scene where the whale died just made me cry. I don’t even want to think about how much plastic we basically put into our bodies every day. The issue is harder to see at beaches in Australia oder Europe, but if you have been to Bali, Brazil oder the Philippines you know, it’s incredible.

Bottom line: If we want to keep enjoying our oceans, our planet and in the end save ourselves, we need to stop producing so much plastic waste!

It happens very easily with issues like this, that one might think there is no solution and what difference does it make if one person changes their habits. Or you might think you can’t use any piece of plastic anymore and you get overwhelmed and give up.

But I think it is a lot easier. It’s about progress not perfection. If you would at least use every single-use plastic item twice. If you would change your take-away coffee cup for a reusable one on most days. If you would think about bringing a bag for the grocery shopping. If you would drink out of a glass without a straw. If you would get less take away food and cook at home. It’s about being aware and starting with the easy changes and what these are everyone decides for themselves, but we better quickly start somewhere.

My personal challenge at the moment is the take away coffee cup. My attempts with a reusable one have failed with me destroying the pretty glass KeepCup I bought before I even used it.. So next try is a stainless steel..

What strategies do you have to avoid plastic waste? Let me know in the comments below!

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    25/08/2017 at 6:20 am

    Hi Kat,

    I have seen that movie too and it breaks my heart.
    But still as you say: let us do sth, because everyone can make a difference!
    Here is what I do
    1. no more coffee to go mugs
    2. no more plastic bags
    3. no more magazines which make me want to buy things I do not need
    4. no tv no have, for the same reason
    5. soap for hair and skin, no plastic container around. The soap is free from palm oil.
    6. no to straws… still practicing that
    7. no more polyester in my wardrobe, because it brings microbeads into our drinking water
    8. water from the tap
    9. a reusable drinking bottle which I refill with tap water
    10. my peelings and toothpaste are handmade by myself. No microbeads either.
    11. I am a swiss litter reporter! We collect waste at our beaches for a study, which will be published in 2018. We want to make the problem public and force the politics to help…
    12. there is still a lot of plastic like my kitegear in my life. And I am flying to kitespots for fun, have you seen how much plastic is used in a plane.. and let us not talk about my cO2- emission. But still I am tracking with atmosfair.de and planning to make a lifestyle change soon.

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