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Summer destinations bucket list

Where I personally believe that life isn’t about crossing of things on a list, its always good to write down what you want. So here is my personal to-be-extended bucket list of summer destinations:

1 | Mexico

Beach Hut

Margaritas on the beach, sunsets under palm trees and Spanish speaking all day long. Random songs or pictures keep reminding me about Mexico. Do you know this feeling, when something just pulls you to go to a place?

2| Costa Rica


I have a soft spot for the jungle. When I was a kid, I had my walls painted green and bamboo and green palm trees everywhere :D A treehouse in the rainforest a few hundred metres away from a lonely beach. Yoga, surfing, organic food and very relaxed vibe of spiritual people – what else would you want?

3| Tahiti & Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This place is probably on most peoples wishlist, but how could you ignore this picture perfect summer island paradise? In the middle of the vast pacific ocean these lush green mountain islands looks like from another world. With rising sea levels due to climate change we better hurry to get there, before we have to do a scuba diving course first.

4| Jamaica

Rum Cocktail

Ever tried Appleton Estate Rum? It feels like Jamaica in a glass! The caribbean vibe, the people’s love for life and Mr. Bob Marley’s hometown require a visit!

5| Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa Kitesurfing

As one of the kitesurfing mekkas of this world, Tarifa is a must-visit anyway. But also the Spanish lifestyle, closeness to the African continent and young creative vibe makes Tarifa an interesting destination.

6| Portugal

Portugal by www.breathingtravel.com

(Image by www.breathingtravel.com)

After reading about Breathing Travels Portugal endeavours here you can’t help but feel like a road trip along the beautiful atlantic ocean coast. I have also pondered with Portugal as a possible in case I’d ever want to move back to Europe, so I should probably check it out some time!

7| Santorini, Greek Islands

Unbelievable I haven’t been to any of the Greek Island still, but I guess with moving to Australia comes losing the easy weekend trips to other countries. Santorini and the other islands though are definitely on the list.

8| Croatia

Croatian Coast

Don’t you just want to jump into this crystal clear water? I’ve heard so much about the Croatian Coast and I wouldn’t mind a trip on an old sailboat!

9| Brazil


Even though I have been there briefly, I can’t wait to go back and explore some more. Brazil is just an incredible (and big) country with great people and there is so much more than just Rio.

10| Hamburg, Germany

I might be biased, but… seriously I love this city in Summer. It just awakes to life. The river Alster fills with white sails and you can enjoy your bbq with friends on the beach at river Elbe while watching the massive container ships passing the second biggest harbour of Europe.

And now, your turn! What is on your bucket list? Write below in the comments.

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