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That Endless Summer Dream

It’s a winter morning – the air is crisp and slightly chilly as the sun is still hiding behind the horizon. You quickly pull your wetsuit up and the board out of the car and run through the palmtrees towards the beach. You stop for a moment and take in whats in front of you. The waves are good today and just then the sun is blinking her golden light over the scene. Thoughts pop through your mind..this is your dream and it is real!

We all have them, dreams, wishes for what we want to have, achieve or how we want to live. The sad thing is that most people believe that dreams are only for dreaming, especially from the corner of the world where I come from. I have come to believe that we have certain dreams because we are supposed to make them reality and that we are very much capable of doing so. We are supposed to spend our time with what makes our heart jump. My personal worst imagination is to die one day with the regret, that I didn’t even try.

We’re all gonna die kid, so let go of what’s killing you and hold on to something worth dying for.

So this is why I moved to the other end of the world, because it was my dream to live the endless summer and to surf every day. This is why I started miss Summer, because it was my dream to create a surf-/beachwear brand with values and substance. Is it easy to create your dreams? No, it’s not. Is it scary at times? Yes. Is it worth is? I think so. Most of us are so freaking lucky to live the life we live and we better enjoy the crap out of it while it lasts.

Your life is ending since the day you were born, one minute at a time. Make sure you spend it wisely.


What dream of yours are you working on?

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