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Welcome to the best season of the year!

miss summer is a boutique beach- and surf wear brand for summer lovers and board sport addicts that celebrate the endless summer.

Born from the ever inconvenient situation of changing your wet water wear after surfing and the challenge to find quality sustainably fabricated beach wear, miss Summer aims to provide an alternative to fast fashion. The brand stands for functional, quality beach apparel to inspire and support the female that fearlessly follows her own heartbeat and wants to make the most of the life she has been given. She cares deeply about the oceans and planet earth and wants to unite with likemindeds to make a difference in this world.


We like long-term relationships

Don’t you hate it when your clothes fall apart after 3 times of use? Yeah we do. Which is why we aim to make ours last as long as possible. We don’t want you to buy a new item all the time, we want you guys to have a good time together for long!


We adore planet earth

Therefore we thrive to cause as little harm as possible to our environment and getting better at it. All our surfwear items are made from recycled plastic from the oceans and most of our beachwear is made from organic cotton or hemp and we aim to convert all of it. We produce locally in Australia and source our materials as close as we can.




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